FAKE: 7 month baby fox skinned for Gaga - True?

This is Kimi, a gorgeous white fox. He was just a baby when he was taken away from his family and put in a small, dirty cage in a fur farm in Finland. Months passed and Kimi was still confined to that tiny place, with no chance of escaping. His life was absolutely miserable.  

Then, one day the order to have this poor baby skinned alive arrived. The customer: Lady Gaga. The pop icon was looking for something fashionable to wear and had a fox fur scarf in mind as an accessory. Kimi died in agony just so Lady Gaga could be in trend. The picture of the left shows what Kimi’s life was worth to the controversial singer: absolutely nothing.


I am appalled by the lack of compassion and humanity exhibited by Lady Gaga, who has made a habit out of wearing fur. When confronted, she stated she will wear anything that makes her look pretty and feel confortable.

Dear readers, I urge you to choose your role models very carefully. Gaga earns over $50M per year and uses her fortune to fund animal suffering. This is unacceptable. How many more animals need to die for Lady Gaga’s fashion statements?

Please sign my petition to impose a total boycott against Lady Gaga. Pledge never to buy her music or attend her concerns again until this cruel woman denounces the fur industry publicly and donates $150, 000 to an anti-fur society."

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