Abandoned Dog Makes 100-Mile Journey To Find The Only People Who Were Kind To Her

An elderly couple from Rivadavia, Argentina, found a severely emaciated, pregnant dog, lying motionless on the harsh streets. They were moved by her plight and decided to help her get through this tough time.  

They brought her home and decided to call her Negrita. They gave her healthy food and nursed her back to health. Soon, Negrita gave birth to a healthy litter of puppies and the couple provided for them as well. However, they were worried that because of their age, they would not be able to do provide the proper care and upbringing the canine family needed.


The couple asked around for some help, and got the puppies adopted in happy and comfortable homes. They even found a better home for Negrita. But, she mysteriously disappeared during transit. They looked all around for her, but she was gone.


Few days later, out of the blue, the couple found Negrita staring at their doorstep! She had walked over 100 miles to get back there. Her paws were full of sores and she was hungry and disoriented, but at least she was home!

Negrita drank a bucketful of water and slept for 24 hours straight to get back to her senses. The couple have decided to never part with her again. Nothing comes close to a dog’s love and loyalty!

What a heartwarming journey!