Famished Stray Dog Searching For Food In Garbage, Finds An Abandoned Newborn Baby

You might have heard many rescue stories but we will bet that you simply haven't read one like this. This story comes all the way from the streets of Campinas, Brazil, as a stray dog was checking out food when he found a neonate with the duct still attached to him.   

One might think that the dog must be proud of his find but he didn’t even harm the baby.

He rather picked up the baby in his mouth and visited a close-by house. He put the baby ahead of a house and barked and barked until people came out. seems that the dog had more compassion and sympathy than the cruel mother who left the neonate within the trash.


The home residents took the neonate to the closest hospital, doctors said the the baby boy is doing great now, and therefore the dog didn't harm him in the least .


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