Sick Dog Comforts Puppy Who Was Shot, Spray-Painted, And Dragged Behind Car

The story of 3-month-old Sammie, a Boxer puppy, starts on a very sad note. He was dropped at a shelter with extensive wounds as a result of being shot in the head, spray painted and dragged behind a car. He was barely alive, but Rescue Dogs Rock NYC offered to pay for his treatment.    

At the hospital, the vets jumped into action to keep Sammie alive. However, it was Simon, a 1-year-old Border Collie mix, who walked in like an angel to save Sammie’s life.

Simon was a shelter dog with severe mange. He had anxiously followed Sammie’s painful cries to find him.

As Simon saw Sammie withering in pain on the X-ray table, his heart broke. He walked up to Sammie, held his paw and nuzzled him up.

This sweet gesture worked like a miracle, as Sammie calmed down and found some strength in the gentle company of a kindred spirit!

As this pair started to heal each other from their traumatic pasts, they forged the strongest bonds of friendship! With a friend like Simon by his side, Sammie endured all the painful surgeries